• Bulk SMS at your Command with Instant Messaging
  • No bulk SMS fees with instant messaging and Notafy
  • Bulk instant messaging brand notifications with Notafy

So what is Notafy?

Bulk SMS Instant Messaging on iPhone
Bulk SMS and Instant Messaging text bubble

It’s really quite simple. Notafy is a dedicated bulk messaging platform with no cost to message. Free messages? How is that possible, you ask. Well, we know that bulk SMS messaging services cost companies a fortune with their pay-per-message SMS fees. So, we came up with Notafy, a bulk messaging app that sends instant messages directly to your customers without the extra fees. There’s no cost to message, only real-time interaction with your customers.

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We like to make things easier, more reliable and more useful, so we created the ultimate mobile messaging app. Apps are quickly becoming the fastest and most popular online communication tools, which is great news for mobile marketing and internet based messaging. Apps are far more flexible and user-friendly than traditional text messaging services. Instead of covering the costs per SMS messaging, businesses pay a subscription fee for each customer, which means huge savings on bulk messaging costs.
Bulk Instant Messaging light bulb
What it comes down to: you can communicate with your customers and send them as many messages as you want without the cost of traditional bulk messaging.

So what can notafy do for my customers?

Notafy looks to help the end user with the following features:

  • Keep spam out of your SMS inbox – only get the messages you want from the companies you invite in your Notafy inbox.
Stop Bulk SMS Spam with Notafy Instant Messaging Platform
  • Select what types of messages you want to get from the business you interact with i.e. you may want to get alerts and notifications but not get advertising messages.
Control Instant Messaging SMS notifications with Notafy
  • Be able to search and easily reference messages from a particular business – keep your life organized.
Search bulk instant and SMS messages in Notafy