How does Notafy save me money?

Because we give you the option of sending free bulk messages. Every time your company sends a bulk SMS campaign to your customers, you spend a fortune on cost per SMS packages. We don’t charge per message so you can send free unlimited messages to unlimited customers as you want at no extra cost.

Why should I use Notafy?

Notafy works exactly the same as your current bulk messaging system by using the same API software components that your bulk SMS service already uses. You won’t need to install any extra software and there are no installation fees, just a basic monthly platform and customer subscription fee for each customer that joins.

Why would my customer want to install the Notafy app?

Notafy helps your customers manage the messages that they receive from the brands and businesses they rely on. They will no longer get SMS texts because your company will Notafy them. In the subscription section for each brand, they can personalise the content they want to receive so that it is relevant and easy to use.
They can add and organise the brands and business contacts that make up their world. Notafy lets consumers keep in touch with their favourite service providers, discover new products to suit their lifestyle and personalise the content they want to receive. This means Notafy will help you to enhance your customer experience management because customers can let you know what type of messages they’d like to receive and can send feedback or spread the word about your latest offering.

Does Notafy only run on Smart phones?

No, Notafy also runs on older Symbian phones that have a colour screen and can send and receive data and traditional mobile messages. Why not try download Notafy to your phone and give it whirl?

Will Notafy completely replace SMS messaging in my business?

Technology is headed this way fast, but for now not all businesses would have 100% of their customer base on Notafy. This is why Notafy caters for SMS distribution as well.

How much data will a Notafy message use when my customer receives a message?

How much data will a Notafy message use when my customer receives a message?

If your business initiates a bulk SMS campaign and sends an SMS to your client, your client does not pay for the SMS –you as the business pay for the SMS. With Notafy, we don’t charge the business for the message, so the assumption is that the end user pays for the message. This is technically true, but if a business sends the end user a 166 character message (effectively the same size as 1 SMS), the end user would use 0.003 megabytes of data on their mobile phone to download and read that message.

The standard cost of 1 MB of data is around 50c per Megabyte (this cost is continuously falling though). So to put this into perspective an end user would pay 50c for receiving and reading roughly 330 Notafy messages for every 1 Megabyte of data used. The other way to look at it is that a 166 character Notafy message will cost an end user around R0.0015, so small it barely makes any difference unless you are receiving thousands of messages.

What if my customer does not have Notafy installed on their phone?

Notafy will automatically detect that a customer you want to send an instant message to does not have Notafy installed and will deliver your message via SMS text instead. If you would like Notafy to invite the customers that do not have Notafy installed, we will do so at the click of a button.

Why is sending a Notafy message better than SMS messaging?

Notafy messages have better insight into the delivery of your marketing messages. Not only can you track messages and check the delivery status, but you can also track who reads your message campaigns. Your customers can categorise messages according to their needs, which allows them to engage with your messages differently.Traditional SMS messaging means your customers simply receive a message from a random number that is difficult to verify. Spammers have taken hold of bulk messaging which means the integrity of mobile marketing services is at risk. Notafy provides a branded view of the messages sent from your business on your customers phone, this way they know exactly who sent the message and that the data contained can be trusted. You can use Notafy to enhance your brand presence.

Notafy also provides demographic segregation built right into the platform – allowing business to target specific demographics without having to mine and separate the data in external databases first.

By sending a message via Notafy you will be able to track who has read your message and who has not, you will be saving each time you send a message as there is no cost per message and your customer experience management will improve dramatically because you are sharing the communication flow and putting control  in their hands so they only receive the messages that are relevant to them.

Why would a customer keep Notafy on their phone?

Notafy provides a dedicated platform for customers to interact with their favourite service providers, brands and businesses. Because it is an app, Notafy helps customers control the types of marketing messages they get from their brands and they can engage with businesses according to their needs.

Customers can use any phone with internet access, they don’t need a smart phone and they don’t have to pay to subscribe. Notafy is also jam-packed with free information extras for customers such as daily weather, stock market, local and international news stories etc.

How does Notafy protect my business?

Customers can manage what type of mobile marketing messages they want to receive from brands. In the subscription section, they can manage each brand individually and turn certain instant message options on and off. Businesses will no longer be at risk of contravening consumer protection legislation. 

Can the Notafy mobile messaging service be integrated into my current business process and programmes?

Yes, Notafy works on standard API or online software that allows you to connect all current business processes and programmes directly into the messaging portal.

Can I send messages using traditional bulk SMS distribution functionality?

Yes, Notafy works on standard API or online software that allows you to connect all current business processes and programmes directly into the messaging portal.