How does notafy work?

Here comes the cool part. Notafy works in the same way as any bulk messaging service. Anyone using a mobile phone with internet access can add the Notafy app to their phone for free. This means businesses and brands can have a dedicated platform to speak to their customers through mobile messaging that is more reliable, more convenient and more user-friendly.

Notafy works exactly the same as your current bulk messaging system by using the same API software components that your bulk SMS service already uses. You won’t need to install extra software and we’ve made sure the app is so user-friendly, you’ll be looking for reasons to message your customers. This means Notafy also makes your life that much easier. There are no installation fees, just a basic monthly platform and customer subscription fee. Instead of paying for every SMS each time you want to send a bulk marketing message, Notafy gives you unlimited free messages. How clever is that? So clever, it’s cool.

Your customers will think so too. They get to add and organise the brands and business contacts that make up their world. Notafy lets consumers keep in touch with their favourite service providers, discover new products to suit their lifestyle and personalise the content they want to receive. This means Notafy will help you to enhance your customer experience management because customers can let you know what type of messages they’d like to receive and can send feedback or spread the word about your latest offering.
You can also use Notafy to enhance your customer experience management through brand interaction and social media engagement. Real time consumer feedback allows you to discover what your customers want, what interests them and what shapes their lifestyle. Notafy is also more fun and interactive than traditional mobile messaging. It allows the consumer to choose content that is relevant and useful to them and makes interacting with their world easy to manage, organise and stay connected.